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Why South East Europe (SEE)?

  • 14 countries
  • 80 million people
  • 2,600+ MBA students per year*
  • 50,000+ master & MSc students per year*
  • Robust, upward mobile high socio-economic class thriving on prestige and exclusivity
  • Education is highly valued
  • Social prestige associated with brand name schools
  • Success seen to be the result of quality education
  • Increase cultural diversity at your school

Believe it or not?

  • Parents in SEE financially support their children well into their 30s
  • Wealthy parents ready to support their kids’ MBA education
  • High interest in applying for MBA programs outside their home country

Why go Virtual?

  • The most convenient and the most cost-efficient way of exhibiting your program
  • Enables you to reach a larger group of potential candidates without any geographical restrictions

Top reasons for candidate “NO SHOW” at traditional MBA fairs

Unexpected business-related disruption
Change in personal / financial situation
Private emergency or situation
Unexpected personal related disruption

*Based on 1,140 candidates replies in 2008-2015 time period

Value of virtual fair over traditional fair?

Time consuming

High cost

High ”NO SHOW” rate

Waste of time on travel is eliminate

Waste of money on travel and hotel is eliminated

Candidates can visit your virtual booths and chat with you, regardless where their busy business schedule takes them

What does a Virtual Fair looks like?

  • Similar to traditional fair we are used to, but virtual
  • Online version of traditional MBA fair
  • Virtual booths instead of physical boots
  • You can see and talk to candidates 1-on-1 or in groups
  • Candidates can see you and ask questions
  • Platform optimized for mobile devices*

Slika 1
slika 2
slika 3

*86% of participants connect over smart-phones (vFairs Official Website, 2016)


Eco friendly. Think Green.

  • Whole event is being carried out on the net
  • Virtual MBAfair strongly supports ecological awareness
  • We would like to influence others to follow our step and organize events that would leave minimal trace behind them
  • Demonstrate your Social Responsibility and concern for the environment
  • Lower your Carbon Footprint




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+381 11 2181 143

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